Is Pollard double bluffing?

Pollard has had a late night drowning his sorrows over David’s deception and he arrives at work with a heavy head. But Pollard doesn’t want to lose his son after only just finding him and he works out an elaborate scheme where he ‘confesses’ to David about swindling his mum and vows to make it up. David falls for the speech and begins to feel guilty about deceiving Pollard.

Scarlett is determined to win over Matthew now that she and Carrie have plans to move to the village and she forces Matthew to admit that he can’t hate someone he doesn’t know. Matthew offers to drop Scarlett into town, but when Carrie sees them together she’s worried and warns Matthew to keep his distance. Matthew tells Carrie that he’d like to get to know his sister but Carrie is suspicious of his motives.

Also, Marlon and Donna’s separation is the talk of the village and Ashley even offers them marriage counselling! They reach a deadlock when Marlon asks Donna to move back to the caravan and she refuses, while Marlon refuses to move in with her at the Hopes.