Professor Knott gets flustered with Al when he questions her memory while her cleaner, Mrs Scully, is stressed due to her impending disciplinary at the University over the allegations of theft. When the two women come face to face, Mrs Scully points out that Professor Knott is wearing the brooch she accused her of stealing. Professor Knott breaks down and reveals she is losing her memory and Al promises to get her the help she needs.

Zara discovers that the pharmacist, Alison, has altered some of her prescriptions. She forces Niamh to accompany her to a confrontation with her. However, Alison points out that she only amended the prescription to avoid a clash of medication, which Zara should have spotted. She also points out that Zara never returns phone calls and later Zara almost cries in front of Niamh.

Also, Jimmi bumps into Heather and suggests going for dinner but she tells him she has a boyfriend.