Sean wants Rachel to meet his son from his now defunct marriage, if she’s going to be his ‘other mummy’. Haydn is eight years’ old and a chip off the old block. Rachel can think of nothing worse. Sean continues to talk like they’re getting married, while Rachel insists they’re not, even though they’re still very sexy together.

Meanwhile, Andy asks Janet out for a drink, he wants to talk. She turns him down, and he accuses her of having ‘had him on’.

Gill has had to leave the briefing on a mercy dash for Sammy – Dave’s drunk and maudlin and Sammy doesn’t know what to do with him. Gill calls Janet and asks her to help get Dave round to his mother’s. She tells Janet that she’s noticed a bad atmosphere between her and Andy and worries that it could affect the team. Janet tells her that Andy turned up at her house, uninvited, and that she found his behaviour intimidating.

A woman with a green face and head, and dressed in a sexy Ann Summers’ policewoman’s outfit, turns up dead in a field at Dob Cross. Gill makes the assumption that the killer is a lover. The only trouble is Susie Bishop had more lovers than most people have hot dinners. Which one of them will it be? And why has she got a green face?