Tony is unimpressed to learn that Rachel has taken on Joe without consulting him and worries she is becoming unhealthily attached to the boy. Rachel insists there simply wasn’t time to consult him, and Tony is forced to accept the situation. Meanwhile, Joe’s doctor also has misgivings about Rachel’s involvement with Joe.

Aden is back working at The Diner, and is finding it increasingly tough to see Belle and Angelo together. But when Aden later catches Belle watching him through her camera while he swims, he starts to wonder if she still has feelings for him, despite her denials.

Belle gets Angelo into trouble when she accidentally lets slip to Charlie that she suspects Murray was paid off. Realising that Angelo has been doing some illegal investigating for Belle, Charlie lets him off with a warning, but it’s a close call.

Also, Ruby struggles to cope with Ross’s recent Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Her worry and despair boil over when she sees Ross pour salt into his coffee instead of sugar, and she runs out of the room crying.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday November 12*