Is Rachel’s stalker real or imagined?

This week Emma Samms, best known for playing Fallon Carrington Colby in glitzy US drama Dynasty guest stars as a terrified woman called Rachel who sustains a broken leg while running to escape a man who’s been stalking her.

At the ED, Rachel screams and tells staff she’s just seen her stalker at the hospital, and security is stepped up. But when Rachel’s husband Matt arrives, he tells the team that the mystery stalker is all in Rachel’s mind. It turns out however, that Rachel is suffering a rare form of early dementia.

Elsewhere, Zoe is surprised to discover that Dylan is a BASICS volunteer, helping paramedics at the scene of accidents. But later, in a rare moment of openness, Dylan reveals the real reason for his altruistic behaviour.

Meanwhile, new boy Lloyd clashes with mentor Jay and is forced to go to Tess with his grievances. An irate Tess brings Lloyd to help Ruth out whilst she berates Jay for his antics. Jay tries to defend himself, but Tess has decided to take away his mentoring duties.

Dylan reveals to a shocked Zoe that the reason he volunteers at BASICS is because he’s a recovering alcoholic and it keeps him busy.