Is Ric about to lose Matilda?

Following Matilda’s disappearance, worried Ric and Cassie are riddled with guilt that they hadn’t noticed Matilda’s unhappiness earlier. Meanwhile, Matilda has run away with Rueben and his mates to a small town three hours down the coast. However, she’s unsure whether she’s done the right thing leaving the Bay, dropping out of her HSC and putting her future with Ric in doubt.

Later, Ric manages to track her down and confronts her, trying to understand why she’s run away. However, the tension escalates when Reuben warns Ric off. While Ric’s walking away, he’s stunned to see Reuben kiss Matilda, with Matilda seeming to enjoy it.

Brad returns from a few days away in a lighter mood and Sally’s mystified when he announces he’s made a life-changing resolution which he won’t reveal. However, he’s nervous about the Education Department’s decision on his future. Sally is put in a difficult position when the Education Department offers her the permanent position of Principal of Summer Bay High. Although she’s delighted with her promotion, she can’t celebrate as it means Brad is being demoted. She returns home to break the news, but finds Brad waiting with a ring. Is Brad going to propose?

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