Is Ricky the daddy?

Bianca has read the DNA test results, but doesn’t have a chance to tell Ricky. He later finds Bianca in the cafe and she confirms he’s Tiff’s dad! Bianca and Ricky plan a family announcement, but all is forgotten when Whitney is escorted home by a police officer, who reveals that she’s been let off with a warning for shoplifting. Ricky is horrified when he finds more stolen goods in Whit’s room.

Garry makes Dawn a special breakfast and tells her that last night was the best of his life. Dawn is uncomfortable when Garry wants to take her for drink to show her off. Shirley teases Dawn about her new relationship. Dawn says she may grow to love Garry once she’s made a few changes.

Tanya sets off for her sentencing and worries she may get sent down while a confident Max prepares her birthday party. Tanya is late back and Jane finds her in the cafe. Tanya has been given a suspended sentence but despite the good news she is desperately missing Lauren. Jane tells Tanya to pull herself together for Abi’s sake.

Also, Lucas quits the chippy when Ian tells him off for giving the leftovers to homeless people; Tamwar is up to something.

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