Inspector Harris interviews Mitch about Catriona’s suicide. Harris points out that Catriona had a history of mental illness and that Mitch failed to take account of her state of mind. Mitch apologises but he’s adamant that his attitude did not stem from prejudice. Nevertheless, Harris recommends that Mitch is suspended. After the interview, Rob lets Mitch know that he’s appalled by his conduct.

Meanwhile, a ‘significant event audit’ is underway at The Mill. In the hot seat is Heston, the GP who Catriona saw before she took her own life. The audit is led by Howard, with Jimmi, Daniel and Mandy in attendance.

Heston defends his treatment of Catriona, maintaining that it was impossible for him to predict that she would take his life. Mandy insists Heston is out of touch and aloof. Heston protests: he himself is battling with mental health issues. Heston’s confession is a revelation to the team but before they can find out more he quits!