Is Rodney after Diane?

Val is still convinced that there’s something going on between Diane and Rodney, especially when Rodney sends Diane flowers to thank her for a lovely evening. Diane laughs it off but she clearly feels uneasy. Diane tells Rodney that nothing is going to happen between them and she’s mortified when he insists she’s got the wrong end of the stick. Val sees Diane giving Rodney a friendly peck on the cheek and thinks her worst fears have been confirmed.

Ryan realises that Cain is interested in his mum when Cain asks him some leading questions and he warns Cain that Faye is very choosy. Later, Mark warns Ryan that he’ll get him and Faye out of the village one way or the other. Faye sees them arguing and asks Ryan what they were talking about and she’s angry when Ryan says it’s time she moved on from Mark.

Edna is horrified when Lily goes for a job interview on the back of Eddy’s bike then heads straight to the pub on her return to celebrate a successful interview. Edna has a go at her sister for her newfound wild streak but Lily tells her she should have a go on the bike to blow a few cobwebs away!

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