Is romance on the cards for Chris?

When Aidan’s car starts overheating, he takes it to Lucas at the garage to get it checked over. When Lucas thinks he sees the first sparks of romance between Chris and Aidan, he tries to steer them into having lunch together. However, Aidan invites Lucas along and he spends the time trying to discover whether Aidan is gay, embarrassing Chris. When Tash comes in, Lucas seeks her help, but rather than beating around the bush, Tash asks him out right if he’s gay or straight, leaving Chris mortified.

And with the arrival of Mr Pappas, any potential romance is put on hold, especially when he’s clearly not happy when Aidan refers to his ex-boyfriend. Later, when Chris’s dad calls to arrange meeting up, Chris expects the worst, but he’s shocked and thrilled when his dad gives him his car, and they fix it up together. With things looking up with his dad, Chris turns Aidan down when he asks him for a drink.

Sonya unwittingly causes a rift between Jade and Kyle when she tries to extract more information from Jade about her past. Jade worries she can’t trust Kyle and tells him to leave her alone.

Andrew urges Sophie and Corey to ignore Paul’s warning and continue to see each other. Sophie and Corey are grateful – but Summer believes Andrew is using Corey to get to his brother and Red Cotton.