Romeo is becoming increasingly frustrated with his business partnership with Harvey, so he confronts him and demands he pulls his weight. Harvey promises to do his share… but is he being completely straight with Romeo?

Sid finds Sasha on the beach with Stu and has a go at her for fooling around with the River Boys on her first day of school. When Dex tells Sid that Sasha has been riding around in Stu’s car, Sid is even angrier and warns Stu to stay away from his daughter. Feeling intimidated, Stu obeys.

Sasha then starts to feel rejected and hangs out with the River Boys on the beach. When she tires of their antics and tries to leave, things turn nasty. Xavier comes to her rescue and gets punched for defending her honour.

Roo and Harvey’s romance is blooming, despite an awkward mid-date rendezvous with Sid and the Walkers at Angelo’s. But Harvey is worried that Roo is holding back – until she proves her feelings by planting a kiss on him.