Is Romeo falling for Indi’s charms?

Indi and Dex are talking about new love interests. It’s clear Indi has the hots for Romeo as she waits outside the Diner for him. He’s confused as to why she’s there but she gives him her number and says she knows he’s going through a lot and if he needs anything, give her a call. Romeo texts her ‘thanks’, which lifts Indi’s spirits.

Romeo is still battling his mum and her alcohol addiction, but Jill won’t admit she has a problem. Irene tells Romeo that if Jill isn’t ready to accept that she needs help, then there’s nothing more anyone can do. Sure enough, Romeo finds his mum passed out on the couch again.

John tells Gina that he and Jill are definitely over and he wants Gina to make a real commitment to him. She asks what he has in mind and his answer overwhelms her.

Elijah and Leah are still stressed about the talk of bad omens before their wedding. Leah feels as though Elijah is being a pushover when it comes to his parents. Lijuan is also upset at Elijah for not defending Leah. Lijuan finds herself telling Leah that perhaps she shouldn’t marry Elijah. Is he really husband material?

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