Is Ronnie about to reveal all?

Kat throws Alfie’s belongings out of the Vic. Roxy and Michael hatch a plan to get them back together. Roxy lures Kat to the boxing gym for a meal while Michael invites Alfie, Jack and Ronnie. Jack is frustrated when Ronnie tries to get out of going. Kat and Alfie make a connection, but Kat soon leaves. Alfie follows her out and in the Square, he tenderly kisses her. Meanwhile, Michael quizzes Ronnie on why she’s so cold towards him and is puzzled when she says he can ‘never know’.

Carol is taken aback when Edward tells her that she’s hurt Dot and she turns up at Dot’s with a casserole and apologies. Carol jokes to Dot about Dot’s ‘fancy man’ Edward and Dot is horrified. When Edward arrives Dot tells him that she doesn’t want him there and he can provide meals for Jim, but nothing more.

Syed meets up with Tanya and they plot to put Roxy out of business so they can start up on their own. Christian is suspicious when he sees them whispering together. Syed tells Christian about their plan. Christian is shocked that Syed is plotting against Roxy, but Syed points out that Christian should put his boyfriend before his best friend.