Is Roo ruining Marilyn and Sid?

Sid is struggling with his growing feelings for Roo and is becoming more and more distanced from Marilyn. Marilyn tries to deal with it all while looking after Baby George. Dex and Indi both recognise the signs of Sid’s relationship falling apart. But when Sid arrives home and wants to talk to Marilyn, it seems things may be OK.

Dex, Ruby and April find out that Liam’s been sacked from school and try to find out what happened. When Liam turns up at school on a drugs comedown, all the students see what a state he’s become. But it’s not until they see him out on the headlands that they see what has really happened to Liam.

Liam’s condition is slowly deteriorating as he falls further back into his addiction. Roo is worried for him but Bianca refuses to intervene, sick of his lies. April tries to get Bianca back on side, arguing that if someone he cared about showed an interest, he might regain the strength to beat his addiction.

However, after a conversation with Irene, Bianca decides ‘tough love’ is the only way to go and she tells him she wants nothing more to do with him if he’s going to continue acting like this. Liam is devastated.

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