Does Roo have a serious illness?

Roo is taken to hospital for tests

James wakes Roo up after she fainted in her apartment. Roo’s quick to brush off the health scare, but James is worried and takes her to the hospital. Roo has a blood test and  Morag suggests it could be a sign of early menopause. Could Morag be right?

Meanwhile, Hunter finds Olivia staring into space avoiding her university work and he guesses she’s preoccupied thinking about her upcoming 18th birthday. Hunter makes a list of fun activities they could do on her special day, but Olivia isn’t interested. What’s Olivia upset about? And will she celebrate her landmark birthday?

Marilyn arrives at prison to visit John and continues to put on a brave face. However, she starts to notice the other prisoners are staring at her, making her feel really uncomfortable. Marilyn ignores the stares and tries to support John as he prepares to fight against his sentence. As Marilyn leaves, another inmate slaps her bum, leaving John furious…