Sasha suggests Rosie as a casual replacement for Irene at The Diner, and Roo and Marilyn give her a shot. Rosie takes it very seriously but as she’s pouring tea for Alf, she spills it on him and faints. She comes to with Spencer’s concerned face staring down at her, so she’s in bliss. Everyone is relieved she seems fine, but when Sid asks Rosie about her symptoms he realises she could be pregnant. After doing a pregnancy test she’s distraught when it comes out positive.

Brax is angry that Casey and Tamara doubt him over the Heath situation. Casey asks Kyle what he knows about the missing money, but Kyle is evasive. Meanwhile, Ricky offers Kyle another job and persuades him that Brax needs his help. Tamara works out that someone is benefitting from all the chaos and she and Casey suspect Kyle. When Casey goes to Brax with his suspicions, Brax stands up for Kyle.

Adam apologises to Ricky after yelling at her and blames the pain caused by the accident where he believes Brax left him for dead. He admits he did once care for Brax, but was betrayed. With Adam’s men tracking them, Ricky asks Brax to run away with her. But Brax won’t abandon his brothers.