Is Rosie the target of a cult?

Rosie Cartwright heads out in the breakdown truck to rescue a gentleman, Mr Barton, stranded on the moors. Rosie finds Barton lying on the floor and as she leans in to check on him, someone creeps up behind her and knocks her unconscious. It transpires that Barton was an ex-copper and private detective. At the hospital, Rosie struggles to remember details of her attack.

Later, Pc Rob Walker discovers that Barton has been looking into the disappearance of a young girl, Julia Walcott. Walker visits her parents and learns that Julia became involved with a cult and ran away from home. Julia’s father, Henry, hired Barton to find Julia, who was living with cult leader, Flambard. Could Barton’s death and Rosie’s attack be linked to Julia’s involvement in the cult?

Walker then discovers that Julia is about to receive a substantial inheritance. But when he visits Flambard at The Temple residence he says that the cult doesn’t want Julia’s money. The next day, the coroner’s report proves that Barton died of a heart attack – but DS Rachel Dawson is still convinced the cult is involved. Could Julia and many others be at risk from Flambard?

Elsewhere, Peggy hatches a new plan to raise some money and is quick to enlist David in her scheme.