Is Roxy pregnant?

Roxy accepts a date with sexy doctor Jamie when Peggy calls him on Roxy’s behalf. Roxy and Jamie get on well but they are interrupted by Jamie’s ex-wife, who dumps their toddler Felix on him. Roxy faints and Ronnie and Peggy rush to Roxy’s side. Ronnie is suspicious and forces Roxy to take a pregnancy test. Roxy tells Ronnie that it’s negative – but she’s not telling the truth…

Ricky confesses to Phil that he wants Bianca back, but Phil isn’t encouraging. Ricky gets his hopes up when Bianca turns up, but they have been called into Liam’s school to talk about his failing grades. Pat invites Ricky to stay over at the Butcher’s and Ricky tentatively lets Bianca know that he has feelings for her. Ricky is gutted when Bianca insists she’s in love with Tony.

Dawn plots to set Shabnam up with Mickey but Shabnam guesses what Dawn is up to and she makes it cruelly clear that she would date Mickey. Dawn is outraged by Shabnam’s unthinking words and she tells her family exactly what Shabnam said about Mickey, who feels hurt.

Also, Heather and Minty return from their honeymoon; Ian asks Christian to move back to Walford.

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