Cathy and Roy eat ice creams on Blackpool pier and when Cathy mentions the Tower Ballroom, Roy struggles with the reminder of his dance with Hayley. On the beach, Cathy steels herself to tell Roy how she feels, not realising what the spot means to Roy.

Desperate to put a stop to Callum’s menacing ways David searches for his nemesis at Gemma’s flat and the Dog & Gun. A frantic Kylie informs Sarah that David’s gone looking for Callum. As the two women fear for David’s safety, the pressure on Callum intensifies and he continues to pile the pressure on The Platts.

Locked in the cellar together, Steve and Lloyd are united in their outrage at Michelle and Andrea’s tactics. Refusing to beg for their release, they gleefully eye the stacks of booze surrounding them and decide if they’ve got no chance of getting out they might as well get drunk.

Eileen’s furious that Jason’s obsessed with revenge, while Tony’s pleased when Todd offers to help get justice for Jason. In front of oblivious Tim, Sophie makes digs at Sally about her kiss with Kevin. In the Nazirs’ garden next door, eavesdropping Anna is thrilled by the juicy gossip.