Is Roy ready to talk about Hayley’s illness?

Noting how awkward and abstracted Roy is, Hayley regrets her blase undertaking. After sharing a drink with Carla at her hen do, Hayley returns to find an apologetic Roy, who still isn’t ready to discuss Hayley death.

Liz comes out into the backyard to find a flustered Peter and Tina. She tells Liz that nothing is going on, but sceptical Liz isn’t fooled. Peter apologises to Tina for getting carried away, but it seems the pair are unable to resist each other much longer.

The family are relieved when Anna reveals Leanne doesn’t want to take matters any further with the police, but Anna’s upset to learn Faye fears the family will abandon her.

Also, Peter’s appalled to find Carla and Rob have put the past behind them; Steve’s aghast to find Lloyd sent Andrea a suggestive text from his phone.