Pc Nate Roberts spends the night in a hospital chair watching over attacked teacher Becky. When she wakes he tells her that the man responsible, Marcus Bentley, says he was paid by someone to break and steal her laptop. Later, Nate visits Deansgate pupil Kim Patterson, who tells him that her school governor father, Russell, had had a brief relationship with Becky after her mum died.

As the case continues, Nate is stunned to learn that it was Russell who paid Marcus to steal the laptop. What could be on there that he wanted so badly? When Nate and DC Jacob Banks head to Russell’s house to bring him in for questioning, Russell reveals that Kim’s gone missing. Nate quizzes Kim’s friend Jimmy Ryan, who swears he doesn’t know where she is.

When officers find an email sent from Kim to Becky’s laptop, saying that she would like to talk to a counsellor about her father, Nate talks to Becky, who admits to breaking up with Russell when she suspected that he might be sexually abusing Kim. Eventually, Jimmy leads Nate to a derelict classroom, where a shocked Kim is quick to defend her father. Is he an abuser?

Later, Nate picks Becky up from St Hugh’s and takes her home, where they kiss…