Is Ryan Knight all he seems in Hollyoaks?

Ste's shocked to discover Amy's new beau Ryan Knight is a copper in Hollyoaks, but is he too good to be true?

Amy’s furious when Ryan ends up in hospital following Ste’s attack on him. She leaves the kids with Ste for the day, but Leah doesn’t want to be there. Ste’s stunned to discover Ryan’s a police officer and going for an interview at the local station. He seems too good to be true but, when Ste notices a bruise on Leah’s arm and asks her if Ryan did it, she doesn’t deny it.

Marnie has gone to extreme measures to stop the Nightingales finding out about her and Freddie – she’s paid Cindy £5,000 to pretend it’s her in the photo. Meanwhile, Ellie’s taking her anger out on anything she can find and Jade’s racked with guilt at the mess she’s caused. Cindy explains the truth to Dirk and he reluctantly forgives her.

Elsewhere, Freddie stuns Ellie when he shows her a tattoo of her face on his bum, hoping it will impress her. Later, Alfie launches a tirade at Cindy for what she’s apparently done and collapses.

Also, Nathan’s exhausted after a series of dates with Lisa. Cleo urges him to have a proper date with Lisa and he soon realises how little they have in common, until Cleo works her magic.