Is Sahira a threat to Plastics?

With her Cardiac Trauma Facility Trial sanctioned by Hanssen, a focused Sahira is determined to make the first day a success. Faced with some real challenges, Sahira rolls her sleeves up to perform a tricky operation, observed by a proud Hanssen and a stunned Jac. A triumphant Sahira completes the surgery, as a concerned Michael and Sunil look on. Could she have what it takes to oppose the rising threat of plastics?

Determined to prove himself worthy of consultancy, Malick jumps at the chance to assist Hanssen on a prestigious case. But when a vulnerable patient spirals into decline, Malick is forced to decide where his priorities lie.

Faced with the difficult task of finding Penny’s replacement on AAU, Sacha is presented with two highly opposed candidates and comes up with a novel selection process in his ‘Doctor Idol’ competition.