Sarah takes a pregnancy test and Danny is disappointed when it comes back negative. And he’s devastated when a relieved Sarah confesses that she’s not sure she wants any more children. Sarah doesn’t want to put her career on hold for another baby.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s ex-husband Simon has arrived from England to marry fiancee Gloria at Leopard’s Den. Caroline slyly tells Gloria that it’s obvious to everyone that Simon still holds a torch for Sarah – and Gloria promptly tells Simon that the wedding is off!

Later, the Trevanions take Simon and Gloria to release a giraffe back into the wild. Impressed by how far the business has come, Simon makes an offer of investment. Sarah thinks it’s worth considering, but Danny vows that he will never take Simon’s money.

Out in the bush, Danny is tending to the giraffe when a vial of potentially lethal tranquiliser explodes in his face. Danny can’t inject the antidote on his own but, back at the house, no one can hear him on the radio.

Will anyone come to Danny’s aid?