Cherry has plans to meet Scott for lunch but he calls to say he’s got a sudden business meeting and why doesn’t she come with him? Cherry is delighted; and loves the way he is letting her more into his life. Scott and his business associates are just finishing with business when she arrives, and Cherry is on excellent form charming the socks off Scott, Paul and the others. Scott says in future if he’s not available Cherry could be a point of contact or sign for deliveries. She’s thrilled to be more involved.

Zara arrives at campus looking harassed and ill. She phones her specialist and demands some more suitable, fast-acting treatment for her symptoms. The specialist doesn’t give her the response she’s looking for so she slams the phone down only to realise that Ruth and a patient are at her door and heard every word.

Zara diagnoses a case of meningitis in a student and then two or three more with similar complaints in quick succession, and it doesn’t take long for absolute panic to break out on campus.

Also, a pirate lookalike and a Simon doppelganger make life in Letherbridge interesting.

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