Life’s been difficult for Holby’s deputy CEO Serena Campbell since her mother Adrienne was diagnosed with vascular dementia. And, this week, Serena faces the harsh reality that, as her mum becomes increasingly more confused and forgetful, her own career may be in jeopardy. Serena arrives at the hospital with Adrienne, who’s injured herself on some glass. Serena plays down the severity of her mother’s condition as Ric Griffin gently removes the shard from Adrienne’s leg.

But Serena’s turmoil is obvious to inpatient Angela, who tells her she looks stressed. As Angela takes an interest in Serena and her mother, Serena thinks she’s just being nosy until she reveals she’s a qualified psychologist who specialises in dementia sufferers and their families. Meanwhile, Holby boss Guy Self warns Serena that Adrienne’s dementia will deteriorate rapidly. He fears Serena’s concerns for her mother will start to affect her work and says she may have to make a choice.

Later, Adrienne causes a scene when she smashes up all the mirrors in the hospital toilets. Serena rushes to her aid only to be aggressively shoved away, so it’s Guy who’s forced to calm Adrienne down. Following the incident, Guy tells Serena she has a decision to make: is she a carer or a consultant?

Meanwhile, Arthur’s concern for Zosia’s wellbeing spirals with her incessant partying. When his girlfriend Maria is brought in with an infection, he finds he doesn’t even trust Zosia as a doctor when she’s in such a fragile state and tries to look after Maria while sweeping up the trail of destruction that Zosia leaves behind her…

Also, Mo’s breathing fire all over Darwin as the pressure of running the ward gets to her. To teach her a lesson, Adele, Jonny and Mr T conspire with a patient to burst her bubble and get her smiling again.