Is Sheila having another heart attack?

Kyle and Naomi to clear the house of any type of food that might be bad for a heart attack patient. When Sheila arrives home, she’s quite tearful and in an attempt to cheer her up, Kyle makes a healthy version of her favourite meal. Kyle and Sheila sit down to eat their meal, but sudden chest pain causes Sheila to panic, she wants to go to the hospital, now!

Sonya tries to paint a positive picture of Erin’s recovery to Toadie but he’s not buying it. Erin reacts badly and tells Karl that she’s quitting the dependency program. After cooling down, Erin apologises to Sonya and admits that she’s not yet ready to meet Cat, her daughter. Susan, meanwhile, tells Toadie he needs to keep an eye on Erin – there’s just something unsettling about her that Susan can’t put her finger on…

Brad’s eager to get to work on a surfboard, and loves the fact he’s doing something for his own enjoyment. However, Terese and Paige are brainstorming ideas of how Brad can turn his hobby into full scale world domination and grow closer as they plan the future.