Sophie fears Sian’s got someone else, while Sian’s disappointed to hear that Sophie’s been expelled from college and accuses her of throwing her life away. The relationship is further rocked when Sophie sees Sian’s holiday snaps. There’s the same girl in all of them and Sophie’s suspicious.

Tina and Graham discuss the best way to ‘break up’ so that he can get together with Xin, knowing that it has to look real. They come up with a plan and later the locals are shocked as Tina and Graeme stage a very public break up.

Fiz frantically prepares for Hope’s homecoming. She is delighted to hear that she is now well enough to come home but also terrified as she sets about preparing the house.

Also; Audrey worries as a confident Kylie makes big plans for the salon. It’s Audrey’s pride and Joy, but she worries when Kylie has an even more surprising revelation up her sleeve.

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