Is Silas in the clear?

Concerned by Lynsey’s Silas fixation, Cheryl tries to talk her friend round. She tells her that there is no evidence to suggest that Silas is anything but a simple, nice old man. But getting nowhere and deeply frustrated with her friend, Cheryl decides to get away for a few days.

Bart’s angry to discover Sinead’s attempts to get rid of Jason and the pair argue again. But when they’re forced to run away from the police and Sinead hurts herself, Bart softens towards her. Witnessing this tender scene, an edged-out Jason is on the verge of leaving but Bart encourages him to stay, much to Sinead’s irritation.

Declan is confused about the set up his dad has in Hollyoaks. And he is full of questions for a jumpy Brendan when he learns Ste is gay.

Also, Rhys and Jacqui decide to solve their money worries by rigging the pub quiz in their favour.