Is someone out to blackmail Max?

Max turns up at Lucy and Lauren’s open day for the Walford Common flats, jealous after Lee flirts with Lucy. Although furious with Max for checking up on her, Lucy gives into his charms. When Lee later asks Lucy for a drink, she agrees, telling Max it’s over between them. At the Vic, however, Lucy finds Lee kissing Whitney. Max is horrified when he gets an email from an unknown sender with a picture of him and Lucy together – someone knows about them.

Stan questions Dean about the unannounced visit, realising Dean is up to something dodgy. When the police arrive, Dean leaves Stan to face them as he does a runner. After realising that Stan was telling the truth about the bed, Mick feels guilty. Getting a call from the police to say Stan’s in trouble, Mick collects him from the station, asking him to return to the Vic. Later Stan sees Dean, warning him he owes him.

Ronnie has a surprise for Roxy at a family dinner, presenting her with the keys to the new house – they’ve completed after all. The warm moment between the sisters is tainted by Billy, who makes an ill-judged comment about Archie. Roxy and Ronnie visit their new house and exicitedly plan a housewarming.