Is Sonia really home free?

Dawn is still miserable after failing to persuade Rob of her feelings for him, but she’s determined to get him back from May. Dawn forces Rob to see her after asking for more money to hand over the baby and is taken aback when he suggests they draw up an official contract.

May is looking forward to going to Dawn’s first baby scan with her, but a furious Dawn secretly changes the appointment.

Sonia is relieved in the wake of her release from police custody and she’s sure that she’s off the hook. Martin is angry at the latest turn of events, especially as Sonia was helped out by one of Phil’s dodgy solicitors. Sonia is given a cold response by the Vic regulars but she defiantly points out that she was released because of lack of evidence.

A furious Martin storms in after talking to the police and reveals that she’s been released not because she’s innocent, but because the police are still awaiting the post mortem results on Pauline’s body.

Kevin is frustrated with Deano as he continues to mope about the house and he yells at him for failing to open up his stall. Deano retrieves Shirley’s address from his pocket and decides that he will go to see his mum after all. Deano heads out to Shirley’s and rings the bell but there’s no reply. He walks away, but changes his mind and heads back to the door…

Also, Honey and Billy bring Janet home from hospital; Max and Stacey have another naughty liaison but freeze when they hear someone at the Slater front door.