Sonia turns up at Carol’s to apologise for being harsh to her. Carol comforts Sonia as Sonia reveals how bad things are between her and Martin. Later, Kush makes a suggestion for the charity calendar, saying everyone should be naked. When Sonia thinks no one would be up for that, to make a point Kush strips off in the market with just a pumpkin covering his blushes!

Charlie has an awkward reunion with his mum when Yvonne turns up in the Square. They’re interrupted by Dot, holding the cigarette butt and claiming Nick’s alive, and the cigarette is Nick’s favourite brand! Ronnie covers, making out Charlie was smoking. Charlie then encourages Dot to scatter Nick’s ashes. When Dot goes to bed, she spots Nick in the Square as she’s turning the light off, but when she turns the light back on, he’s gone.

Stacey is horrified when she finds Tina trying to cover a bruise with make-up, realising it was down to Tosh. Although Tina tries to defend Tosh, both Dean and Stacey insist she can’t let Tosh beat her up. Tina plucks up the courage to speak to Tosh about it, but when Tosh arrives with a big bunch of flowers, Tina is the one who ends up apologising.

Also, Lauren notices the same car following her again.