Things are looking up when Toadie agrees to let Callum spend more time with Troy, so they can get to know each other. Knowing Toadie and Callum have a camping trip planned, Troy takes Callum to the park to show him his army camping gear. With the two of them gone, Sonya asks Toadie if he wants to do something, but he tells her he’s busy.

In Charlie’s, Callum introduces Troy to Karl and Susan, and while Karl makes an effort, Susan is a bit frosty towards him. With Callum gone, Troy asks Sonya if she’d like to go for lunch, she’s hesitant but agrees. However, as they’re strolling in the park, things take a different turn when Troy holds Sonya’s hand. Although she looks unsure, she doesn’t let go.

Summer is struggling to cope with the upcoming move to Bendigo, and isn’t interested when Chris and Tash tell her she should have a leaving party. Chris is also making a farewell DVD for Summer, but Andrew is reluctant to be on it, but when left alone with the camera, Andrew has a change of heart and finally opens up. Chris watches on and later takes the DVD to Summer, but she refuses to watch it.

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