When Walter’s presence encourages Sonya to reach out to her Aunt Robyn, she learns Walter is a life-long alcoholic, and that he never tried for custody of her and Jade when their parents died, as he’d previously claimed. Sonya confronts Walter who apologises, claiming to be over his issues with alcohol now. But even as Sonya decides to help Walter confront his problem, it’s revealed that ‘Uncle Walter’ is not who he says he is.

When Chris confesses Hudson’s revelation that Don is deliberately trying to sabotage Josh’s career, Brad attempts to tell Joshua the truth. But Joshua encourages Brad to get to know him better. Brad invites Don over to sound him out and when Don fails to put Brad’s mind at rest, Brad vows to watch him like a hawk.

When Callum learns the hottest girl in school has a thing for Bailey, he encourages a reluctant Bailey to take her on a date.

But when Rani discovers the two together in Harold’s, she’s devastated. Realising the damage his continued efforts to keep Bailey and Rani separated are causing, Callum lures them both to Lassisters Lake where they finally discover they have his blessing to be together.