Needing volunteers for a school gardening project, Michael asks Toadie, who refuses, saying he hates gardening, however, Sonya is keen. Seeing her in action, Michael thinks she’ll be perfect to do it regularly but she’s reluctant, worried that her past will come out. Her fears are realised when Callum’s friend’s mum tells her she doesn’t want her son staying at their house because she found out about Sonya’s past and doesn’t feel comfortable. Sonya’s gutted.

She can handle being judged but not when it affects Callum. Desperate to be seen as a solid and stable family, Sonya tells Toadie she thinks they should get married. However, Toadie’s shocked at her suggestion, believing they don’t need to get married to prove anything to anyone. But when Callum hears to word marriage, he jumps to the wrong conclusion and gets very excited!

Following Mark’s departure, Kate struggles to get over the fact he’s gone for good. When Mark’s boss arrives to tell Kate the importance of keeping quiet, she loses it, telling him it’s his fault Mark had to leave, but he refuses to discuss it with her. Overhearing, Sophie goes to see Paul, asking him for help, but he isn’t interested. When she tells Paul he’s only interested in them when things are going well, he’s shocked and makes the effort to see Kate. But, naturally he starts digging for information.

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