Is Stacey having her baby?

Stacey is working on the stall when she suddenly starts to get twinges. Jean panics that Stacey is going into labour and steals Janine and Ryan’s cab to get her to hospital. Stacey is soon back at home, as it was a false alarm. After the scare Stacey decides that now is the time to start her maternity leave and take it easy at home.

Phil asks Roxy to take Louise to school, but she passes the task onto Ben. Phil panics when later Shirley reveals that Louise never made it to school. Phil starts searching for Louise and he tells Max he doesn’t want the police involved. Meanwhile, Ben has Louise locked in the allotment summerhouse. Ben takes Louise home, but is angry when Phil doesn’t thank him for finding her. Louise makes out that she’s upset with Jordan and Ben is pleased.

Danny meets up with Glenda and tells her that he’s worried that Roxy is spending all of ‘their’ money. Glenda reminds Danny that they only have three days to go before their plan comes to fruition and once they have all of Roxy’s cash they never have to see the Mitchell sisters again.

Also, Masood tells Zainab that he wants Syed back at home.

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