Stacey is about to have her hospital review when she gets a visit from Sonia, learning the shock news that Martin has been in a car crash. Kush is relieved to discover that Arthur is unharmed, but when Martin turns up in the Square after unwisely discharging himself from hospital. Insisting he wants to get to Stacey’s review, Martin agrees to stay put when Tina insists he slow down.

Stacey struggles to stay calm ahead of her review, determined to go back home that day. As the review begins, Stacey opens up about how she’s really feeling. Offered the choice of continuing her treatment at home or staying as a voluntary patient, Stacey is in a dilemma. Eventually realising she’s not ready to go home, Stacey opts to stay. Worried about Stacey’s decision, Martin decides to break her out of the hospital.

Sharon talks to Dennis about Gavin and discovers that Gavin bought him a mobile phone. Telling Dennis to keep away from Gavin, Sharon is shocked when an upset Dennis storms out, claiming only Gavin cares about him. With Phil uninterested in helping, Sharon asks Vincent to buy her out of The Albert.

Offering Gavin £100,000 to leave London, Sharon is glad to get rid of him. Later, Phil invites Sharon over and seems to have got his act together, only to hit her with the bombshell that he’s filing for divorce!