Ben turns up at the Lomaxes’ to ask Cameron about Lockie but, again, Cameron wriggles off the hook. Cameron’s heading on a trip to the lake to spread his dad’s ashes when Leela tells him Ste’s going too. Ste’s wary when Cameron ushers him into a rowing boat. In the middle of the lake, Cameron talks about Lockie but the penny drops for Ste when Cameron starts referring to his brother in the past tense. As the two men tussle, Ste falls in the water. He can’t swim so Cameron has a decision to make – save him, or let Ste drown…

Myra tells John Paul he’s too good for Scott and, taking his mum’s advice, John Paul tries to avoid his new love interest. Scott’s heartbroken, however, when he realises John Paul is ashamed to be seen out with him. Later, Mrs St Claire is disappointed when John Paul tells her he’s been influenced by what Myra and other people think of Scott.

It’s the big day for Tony and The Hutch but when the doors open, no one arrives – Marnie’s booked out every table in the restaurant but to phantom diners. Everything soon clicks into place for Tony and Diane and they realise they’ve been sabotaged. Later, Scott returns to The Hutch and, just as Tony’s about to admit defeat, he tells everyone Marnie’s to blame!

Also, Alfie’s getting weaker but only has two more tablets left and he gives his last one to Jade to get her through her French exam. He’s delighted when Jade tells him her exam went well… until she suddenly collapses!