Is Stella on to Peter and Carla?

When Peter says he’s off to met his counsellor Stella is suspicious and so she should be as he’s soon snogging Carla in the park! Wanting more, Carla suggests she rent them a flat where they can meet up.

When Frank checks that Sally doesn’t regret their kiss last night she admits she’s glad he made a move as her feelings for him have grown. But she wants to keep things quiet until she’s got used to the idea. Agreeing Frank seals it with a secret kiss in the office, but unbeknown to them Eileen and Beth are watching. In the Rovers Steve’s mortified that Beth has shown up again and when Kevin takes the mickey an affronted Beth takes pleasure in telling him they’ve just seen Sally in a clinch with Frank.

Tina instructs Tommy to set up a lads’ night out with Tyrone to get him away from Kirsty for the evening. Kirsty’s not happy and after overhearing Rita saying she’s lending her car to Tina today, the car is pulled over for speeding. But it’s Rita’s who’s driving. Suspecting Kirsty’s behind it a furious Tina confronts her.

Also, Paul thanks Eileen for her honesty and suggests he take her out.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin tracks down Sally and tells her she’s mad to go out with Frank. But Sally defends him and insists it has nothing to do with Kevin. Refusing to accept this Kevin storms round to Frank’s house spoiling for a fight. But Sally takes the wind out of his sails by revealing that Frank’s just been told his father has died. Fed up with his interfering Sally then stuns Kevin with news of her own.

Tina accompanies Rita to the police station where she hands over her driving licence. But when she’s told she’s been driving illegally – as when you’re over 70 you must reapply for your licence – Rita’s mortified to hear she’s looking at a hefty fine and possible ban. Incensed, Tina blames Kirsty for the whole thing. Meanwhile, Kirsty scuppers Tyrone‘s lads’ night out and he dutifully heads home.

When Carla calls into the Rovers for a drink, Stella recognises her necklace as the one she thought Peter had bought Leanne at Christmas. It’s clear Stella is becoming suspicious of Peter and Carla.

Also, Paul and Eileen enjoy a meal at the bistro, but it’s cut short when Lesley’s carer phones to say Lesley is asking where he is.