Is Steph having second thoughts?

Toadie worries that Steph is having second thoughts about the wedding when she refuses to discuss it. Libby tries to reassure him by pointing out that Steph may just not be into wedding frills and Toadie’s big plans. Toadie later plucks up the courage to confront Steph, and their love for each other is reconfirmed, leaving Toadie thrilled when Steph takes more of an involvement in planning the big day.

Rosie is put in a bad mood when she is forced to buy herself a pregnancy test. Clearly distressed by the possibility that she may be pregnant, Rosie struggles to confide in Frazer. And when she does, Frazer is shocked by her rejection of the pregnancy.

Rebecca enlists Elle’s journalistic skills to find the best way to convince Rosie and Toadie to consider her class action case. Paul reproaches Rebecca for openly discussing the cause of Elle’s trauma and decides to take matters into his own hands to stop Elle returning to work.

As Steve and Miranda continue to trade insults, they are reminded that they are two very different people. But there is a welcome thaw in the Parker family when Steve and Miranda are reminded of why they fell in love with each other.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday May 9*

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