Is Steve about to lose everything?

When Becky suggests Tracy leaving with Amy may not be such a bad thing, as she will no longer wield such power over them, Steve flips, accusing her of sacrificing Amy for Max. Angrily ordering everyone out of the pub Steve empties the till and heads to the casino, facing a desperate gamble.

Steve‘s drunk and gambling wildly when Dev finds him. Having maxed his cards out Steve’s about to gamble everything he has, but Dev steps in. On the edge Steve unburdens himself, revealing he’s lost everything because of Becky’s pursuit for Max. But when Dev insists he can’t go on like this, Steve decides to take action.

Colin Fishwick makes a reappearance as a terrified Fiz takes in the sight of John with the body. Frantic he claims he was doing overtime and found it under the floor, but when Fiz goes to call the police he snatches the phone from her. As she begs to know what he’s done John confesses all to his gobsmacked wife.

Also, it’s the morning after the night before and Graeme’s guilt has kicked in. Xin’s hurt to see him so horrified about what he’s done. But Graeme just needs to see Tina and ends up breaking Xin’s heart.

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