Is Steve the only survivor of the crash?

Steve, Carla, Alya, Julie, Michelle, Sally, Sean, Sinead, Tracy, Maddie and Kirk lie motionless as the minibus hangs perilously on the edge of a precipice. As Steve regains consciousness he looks around him at the carnage and is shocked to the core. Clambering out, he realises that it is in danger of slipping down a sharp slope. Unable to deal with the situation, he turns and walks off.

As some of the passengers regain consciousness and drag the injured to safety, the minibus suddenly lurches violently. Tracy locks eyes with Carla, realising she’s still trapped and with the bus teetering dangerously on a cliff edge. Will she save her?

Concerned for Roy, Yasmeen proves to be an unlikely ally when she sends him home pointing out that he finished his community service session some time ago.

Jason drags a reluctant Gary into town in celebration of the fact he avoided a prison sentence.