Is Summer too involved?

When Andrew finds out Summer’s researching Tash’s mum, he tells her she has to stop. However, comparing her to his mum, who’s always helping people, Mal encourages Summer to carry on, pointing out how many people are better off for Susan’s help.

Despite telling Andrew she won’t snoop, she heads to the Erinsborough News and logs onto Susan’s computer. Paul’s confused as to why she’s there but she throws him off the scent, however, when Andrew arrives, she knows she’s been rumbled. Assuring Andrew what Tash doesn’t know won’t hurt her, they begin their search.

Things start to look up for Chris when he gets into conversation about cars with Paul. Paul’s so impressed by Chris, he jokes that Elle should have sold the garage to Chris instead of Lucas. Buoyed by Paul’s comments and Lucas’s apology, Chris returns to the garage.

Sophie asks Lucas if he minds her swapping her guitar for a bass. She’s relieved when he doesn’t mind, but she comes unstuck when he can’t take her to the city to collect it. Sophie can’t wait to tell Noah that she’s going to start playing the bass, knowing he’ll need her for the jamming session. Unable to get a lift to the city, Sophie sets off on her own.