Is Susan’s trial doomed?

Mickey and Miranda both take the stand to testify in Susan’s hearing, with Miranda filled with guilt following her harsh Victim Impact Statement. But things take a turn for the worse when Susan’s fatigue symptoms return and she passes out in court. Toadie is concerned to learn that Susan has been suffering dizzy spells, and worries that if the prosecution establishes that Susan knowingly got behind the wheel while fatigued, the defence case is doomed.

Meanwhile, having overheard Toadie and Susan’s conversation, bitter and resentful Riley informs the opposing lawyer. Later in court, everyone is shocked when Karl is called to the witness stand, where under oath, he is forced to confirm that his wife drove Declan’s car, knowing that she was in no condition to do so.

Dan comes forward and takes full responsibility for the Helen Carr caricature, making Ringo realise his resentment could cost Dan his job. Jessica refuses to admit her part in the debacle, so Ringo decides to ‘confess’ everything to Helen, and also claim responsibility for the caricature.

Feeling guilty, Jessica ends up admitting to the crime herself, leaving Helen with no choice but to punish both of them. But does Jessica have an ulterior motive for her attack of conscience?

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