Lauren takes Tanya to her radiotherapy and chemotherapy appointments. Tanya has her radiotherapy treatment, but when she gets to the chemotherapy suite she has a wobble and escapes to the toilets. Lauren’s shocked when Tanya tells her she doesn’t want to have chemotherapy. Lauren talks her round. Tanya meets another patient, Siobhan, and is grateful when they agree to be text buddies to help each other through.

Syed helps Zainab hand out leaflets for their revamped stall. Zainab finds out that customers think they’re entitled to a freebie and Yusef implies that Masood has stitched her up. The phone rings and it’s Amira leaving a voicemail. Yusef thinks it’s time Zainab let Syed see Amira, but Zainab is determined not to let them divorce. Yusef arranges to see Amira and is shocked to find her with a baby. Amira introduces Yasmin, Syed’s daughter.

Roxy is gobsmacked to discover that Janine has bought her flat and is now intent on making her new tenant’s life miserable. Roxy visits the Citizens Advice Bureau, who advise her that Janine must give her notice before entering her flat. Janine announces to passers by she’ll be in Roxy’s flat every day for two weeks for restoration. Janine is smug when an amused Michael claps her after her speech.