Is Tash seriously ill?

Michael’s heading off for his annual trip to see his friend Richie, or so Tash thinks. However, Michael is alone, at the beach, with a photo of his wife as he scatters petals into the ocean. While he’s away, Tash suffers a bad dizzy spell, and Summer takes her to the hospital.

Using the internet to diagnose Tash, Summer suggests she might have a brain tumour, so she’s relieved when all her tests come back negative, and Karl suggests she’s probably just stressed. When Summer asks Tash about her mum, Tash tells her she doesn’t know very much about her or how she died because Michael doesn’t like talking about it. Summer suggests that her dizzy spells could be linked to her mum’s illness.

In charge of the new shopping precinct development, Toadie is nervous, knowing it’s going to receive a lot of objections from the locals and his friends. Paul’s especially not happy about it, knowing it’ll be in direct competition with Lassiters. Not happy, Paul heads to the Solicitor’s office and is surprised to find Toadie working there. He demands to know how such a huge project got fast tracked, and when Toadie defends the project, Paul knows Toadie knows more than he’s letting on. At the men’s club, Toadie feels uncomfortable when Lucas and Karl talk about the project.