Husband-and-wife actors Glynis Barber and Michael Brandon guest star in the latest dramas facing the team, which are linked by the mysterious goings on at a US Air Force base and an angry widow.

Michael Brandon plays Colonel Norton, who was running the American base in England when journalist Peter Edelmann was found dead in nearby woods. It was said Edelmann committed suicide, but recently deceased police officer Derek Brooker was always convinced the Americans killed Edelmann because he had found out they were communicating with aliens.

That sounds far-fetched to some – especially Brooker’s widow, Cheryl (Glynis Barber). But Jack Halford, a good friend of Brooker’s, is intrigued. And when DS Sandra Pullman, Jack and the rest of the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS) hear that Edelmann witnessed a mysterious air crash at the perimeter of the military base, they become suspicious. Any investigation is going to be difficult, though, as the base in now closed…

Also difficult is protecting Jack from Cheryl Brooker. Her husband wrote her out of his will and she’s determined to prove he wasn’t of sound mind when he did it. Jack, though, is equally determined to protect his friend’s good name – even if it means putting his own reputation on the line.