Is the game up for John?

When Joy calls John again he feels obliged to visit. He finds her in tears, unable to understand why Colin hasn’t responded to her messages saying she’s dying. Joy’s terrified of dying alone, but a guilty John assures her she won’t be alone. He’s interrupted when Fiz calls saying Hope’s doing well and they’ll be able to hold her for the first time tonight. As an ecstatic John ends the call he picks the phone up when it rings again without thinking. It’s a confused Joy who wants to know why John has Colin’s phone. It seems his time might be up.

Becky‘s released pending further enquiries. Steve’s delighted, while another resident is also relieved that Becky’s back without being charged. Overhearing Becky explain the situation to a confused Max, the culprit asks for a word in private, and Becky is stunned as a surprise confession is made.

Sally‘s furious when she discovers Kevin plans to sell the house from under her. As a row ensues Sally insists she’s staying put and she’ll do whatever it takes to make the place un-sellable.

Also, Leanne and Peter are back from their romantic break; Chris promises Maria a special date, but it isn’t exactly what she imagined.

*Second Episode, 8.30*

John knows his time is up and Joy’s shell-shocked as she digests the news that Colin is dead. Unable to stop himself and finally cracking under the pressure John confesses to everything, feeling a dark sense of relief. A horrified Joy accuses him of murder, but a terrified John begs her to believe Colin was already dead.

Becky’s stunned as all is revealed by Tracy’s attacker. Becky knows she needs to confess to the police, but it’s unclear whether Becky’s attacker will face the music…

Leanne confesses to Janice that the holiday was a nightmare, telling her that looking after Peter was exhausting. Meanwhile, a depressed Peter claims he’s fed up of people fussing round him and wants to move back to the flat. But Leanne worries about caring for him.

Also; As Chris and Maria leave a swanky bar she thanks Chris for a great date. But when he angles for coffee she’s unsure about whether she should take things further.

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