Is the game up for Lucas?

*Hour-long special*

Lucas is spooked when he learns that Liz is employing a detective to track down Owen. At the community centre, Lucas is furious when Fat Boy kisses Denise as a joke. Lucas heads out and picks up another woman, who looks uncannily like Denise. Fat Boy accidentally snaps Trina’s tree after an argument with Mercy. Lucas returns home and finds Denise in a sexy red basque and he’s in a cold fury.

Denise is shaken and her basque ripped. Lucas finds out Trina’s tree has been uprooted and creeps out with a shovel to repair it. Meanwhile, Fat Boy and the teens have stolen a replacement tree from the allotment. Lucas slips back into the house and packs a bag, knowing the game is up. Outside, Zsa Zsa screams as they find a rotting leg…

Stacey brings her baby home. Ryan brings flowers for Stacey but Becca answers the door and tells him that Stacey doesn’t need any visitors. Stacey is annoyed with Becca for turning Ryan away. Stacey tells Becca that Ryan kissed her for a bet. Stacey settles on a name for her little girl and she decides to call her Lily.

Also, Ronnie tries to tell Glenda about Archie’s abuse.

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