Is the secret out for April and Heath?

Bianca insists on making a pact with Liam – neither of them will discuss what happened on their hen and stag nights. Bianca doesn’t want Liam to find out about the name slip-up she made in her speech.

Liam becomes suspicious and blackmails April, saying he will tell Bianca that she and Heath are still sleeping together unless April reveals what went on at the hen do. It works and April confesses. Liam confronts Bianca about saying Heath’s name instead of his, but Bianca insists it meant nothing.

Leah feels like an idiot after learning she paid-off a 25,000 dollar false debt for Brax. Elijah and Ruby berate Brax for letting Leah get into this situation. Brax apologises to Leah and promises to pay the money back, but Ruby is having none of it. She tells Leah she can’t live in the house knowing Brax could pop round at any time.

Irene is still recovering from heart failure and decides to restrict her activities to those surrounding the couch. Alf fears she’s shutting herself off from the world.